Product Description AC2600 All-in-One MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router, Powered by McAfee
Band Dual-Band
McAfee Yes
Port Gigabit
QuickVPN Yes
Smart Parental Control Yes
USB Sharing (FTP) Yes
USB Sharing (SAMBA) Yes
Wireless Speed 2600Mbps (2.4G + 5G)
Wireless Technology 802.11ac
WPA2-PSK (Personal) Yes
Flash 256MB
Antenna Type Internal Antenna (4x4+4x4)
WAN 1(10/100/1000)
LAN 3 (10/100/1000)
USB 2.0/3.0 USB 3.0
Static IP Yes
Dynamic IP (DHCP) Yes
L2TP Yes
Static IPv6 Yes
PPPoE (IPv6 over PPPoE) Yes
Guest Zone Yes
D-Link Wi-Fi Yes
Voice Control Support (Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant) Yes

AC2600 Wi-Fi Router 
Powered by McAfee

All-in-one Wi-Fi router, smart home protection, parental controls and antivirus.

DIR-2680 AC2600 Wi-Fi Router  Powered by McAfee
DIR-2680 D-Link McAfee Protect

Handle Both Your Wi-Fi and Security Needs with One Router

Why buy a Wi-Fi router for your internet, and a separate firewall for security when you can do it all using the AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee? Now you can enjoy high-speed, data-intensive activities like streaming HD video and online gaming without sacrificing your privacy and security.


Why You Want It

DIR-2680 McAfee Security

Comprehensive Security, Made Simple

The AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee goes beyond ordinary antivirus protection by integrating powerful smart home protection, parental controls, and antivirus in one router.

Super Performance MU-MIMO and a bustling 1.6 GHz Intel® GRX350 processor

Superior Performance Without Compromise

High-speed AC2600 Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO and a bustling 1.6 GHz Intel® GRX350 processor lets you handle all your Wi-Fi and network security needs with no compromise in performance.

Protects Your Home McAfee protection

Protects Your Connected Home

Give every connected device an added layer of security with McAfee protection. Because whether it's smart thermostats or baby monitors – especially devices that can’t install antivirus software – you can never take smart home security too seriously.

Powerful Parental Controls Parental Controls

Powerful Parental Controls

Unlike ordinary antivirus protection, the AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee uses McAfee protection to help keep your kids safe online with a comprehensive, customizable system of parental controls.

Intelligent Security that’s Always Learning AI Security

Intelligent Security that’s Always Learning

The AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee defends your home network in real time. How? By using sophisticated cloud-based machine learning that constantly updates its threat database.
It's smart home security that never sleeps.

Voice Control Voice Control Amazon™ Alexa™

Voice Control

Say hello to smart home security that reacts to your every command.
The AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee works with Amazon™ Alexa™ to give you a new way to manage and monitor your home network – your voice1.

McAfee protection Defends Your Network at the Router Level

Give your home network an extra layer of powerful McAfee protection with the AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee. Stop hackers and malware at the router-level, way before they can come close to your connected devices.

Get Complete McAfee protection for Your Network
Whether at Home or On The Go

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence

McAfee protection defends your network with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI)—
an ever-expanding cybersecurity service that identifies and blocks emerging threats. 

With more than 25 years of threat data, and cloud-based machine learning that updates its threat database in real-time,

You get smart home defense that never sleeps.



Flawless Reception with 3 Dimensional Antenna Placement

The AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee places 4 internal antennas perpendicular to each other to take your reception to the max. It achieves this by taking advantage of enhanced Wi-Fi reception when both client and router antennas are on matching planes. So, no matter no matter how your client devices’ antennas are oriented you get superb, maximized reception with less interference.

More Powerful

1.6 GHz Intel® GRX350 processor boosts multitasking computing power
and improves throughput speeds for all of your applications.


Smart Beamforming

Improves coverage by directing bandwidth to your devices as you move around your home. You can stream HD video, surf the web, skype your friends and play online games from wherever you are so you’ll always get the best experience.


Combined Maximum Throughput

DIR-8221200 Mbps
DIR-8781900 Mbps
DIR-26802600 Mbps

Incredible Value, Priceless Protection

With the AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee, you get free, advanced internet protection with McAfee® Secure Home Platform, and McAfee® LiveSafe™.
Give your family the best in internet protection for years to come.


Cloud-based McAfee Global
Threat Intelligence database
Device Fingerprinting
IoT threat detection
Vulnerability scan
Home Away mode
Powerful parental controls
Install McAfee antivirus on
computers and mobile devices
McAfee® WebAdvisor
PC Boost
Password Manager
File Lock
Unlimited installations
Included Free Subscription 5 Years 2 Years

"....security on the DIR-2680 doesn’t stop at access control. The bundled McAfee Secure Home Platform can also provide automatic antivirus protection on all network devices. These include smart TVs, IP cameras, phones, etc..."

"The new D-Link D-Fend DIR-2680 AC2600 router with McAfee will protect every IoT and computing device on a home network. On that basis alone it is a 5-out-5."

"The included McAfee security software for all your devices is a massive boon. . . . the D-Fend is still a great quality D-Link router for the enthusiast to tune via the standard PC D-Link web-based dashboard."

"Overall, a stunning advancement in family-oriented home security and quite overdue. While it is not the first device to address this market, it is certainly the best I have encountered myself and leaves the other devices I have tried eating its dust."

"D-Link DIR-2680 D-Fend AC2600 WiFi Security Router provides families with young children a simple, all-in-one, device for home Internet security."

Set Up Your Network with One Simple App

The D-Link Wi-Fi app lets you set up and manage your Wi-Fi router and network security right from the palm of your hand.
Dlink Wi-Fi app iphoneX
Dlink Wi-Fi app iphoneX

  1. Alexa control commands for McAfee protection requires both an Alexa-enabled device and a compatible D-Link router with the corresponding Alexa skill enabled. Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.
  2. McAfee LiveSafe can be installed on PC, Max OS X, Android and iOS devices. Please check the McAfee LiveSafe website for the latest list of supported operating systems.

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