D-Link with IFTTT The Smart Language for your D-Link Smart Home

You can now pair D-Link Smart Plugs and more with IFTTT-enabled products and apps.

Make your D-Link Smart Home even smarter.

D-Link with IFTTT Take Smart Home Automation to a Whole New Level

Smart Home still dumb?
Pair your D-Link Smart Home devices with IFTTT to create amazing automations around the home.

D-Link with IFTTT A World of Possibilities

IFTTT connects your D-Link Smart Home devices to over 500 online services.You can now stay in touch with your Smart Home anytime, anywhere.

Motion Detected

Motion Detected?

With IFTTT Applets, your home reacts to every move you make.

Pair your D-Link Motion Sensor with Philips Hue Lights,
D-Link Wi-Fi Siren or even D-Link Smart Plugs to trigger amazing interactions around the home.

 Trigger Alerts

Trigger Alerts

Need help staying on top of things?

There's an Applet for that. Pair D-Link devices with IFTTT Applets to send notifications automatically to your favorite online services.

Stay in the know, wherever you go.

D-Link and IFTTT

D-Link products and IFTTT are a perfect match. See for yourself in our dazzling array of Applets.