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D-Link with Google Assistant Need a Little Help?
Let Google and D-Link Assist You

The Google Assistant helps you control your
D-Link Smart Plugs and Connected Home Cameras
with the power of your voice. 

It's like your very own personal assistant 
attending to your every whim.

Google Assistant with D-Link Ok Google,

With more upcoming D-Link connected home devices compatible with the Google Assistant, smart home automation is now easier than ever.


Just ask your Google Assistant.

Never Miss Out

Home is where life’s most precious moments happen.
Whenever you're away, just ask the Google Assistant on your mobile device
to turn on your D-Link camera at home.

Ok Google, show me the living room camera on the TV

Got your hands full?

Got Your Hands Full?

Let your voice do the heavy-lifting.
Tell your Google Assistant to turn on the kitchen fan.


Life's easier when you connect your appliances to D-Link Smart Plugs.
The Google Assistant handles the rest.

OK Google, turn off the living room lamp

Forgot to Turn Off the Lights Again?

Don’t sweat it.
Just tell your Google Assistant on your smart phone to turn the lights off.

It’s easy to control your appliances remotely from anywhere when you connect them to D-Link Smart Plugs.