How do I renew McAfee LiveSafe?

McAfee LiveSafe

Your D-Link router’s McAfee protection includes a free 2-year subscription to McAfee Live Safe (MLS)
anti-virus software to help keep your computers and mobile devices safe while on the go. In order to keep protecting your
devices, you should renew the MLS subscription before your free 2-year period ends.

This tutorial will guide you thorough the process to renew your MLS subscription so you and your devices
can continue enjoy McAfee’s industry-leading anti-virus protection.

Renew McAfee LiveSafe - Step 1

Step 1

From the main McAfee LiveSafe (MLS) screen on your computer, you can see the remaining time on your MLS subscription. It is always a good idea to renew your subscription ahead of time to ensure your devices receive continuous protection.

To begin the renewal process, click the Renew button.

Renew McAfee LiveSafe - Step 2

Step 2

You will be taken directly to the MLS renewal page. The price displayed here is the amount which you will need to pay in order to renew your subscription. The length of the renewal will also be displayed on this page. Click Renew Now to select this product and continue to the payment process.

Renew McAfee LiveSafe - Step 3

Step 3

You will then be taken to the payment page to complete your purchase. A summary of the items to be purchased and the total cost will be shown on the right side of the page. To complete the payment, select your payment method and enter the required details in the fields.

Renew McAfee LiveSafe - Step 4

Step 4

If your payment is successful, you will see a summary page confirming your purchase. Your order number will be displayed, which you should make a note of for future reference. To return to your MLS account summary, click the "My Account" link in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Renew McAfee LiveSafe - Step 5

Step 5

On your MLS account page you will see that your remaining subscription time has been extended to include the subscription you just purchased.