Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global leader in the networking industry, we understand the power of connections.
That's why in everything we do, we strive to protect the natural environment,
create a safe and sustainable work environment, and give back to local communities.
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CSR Report 2018

D-Link understands that we have a responsibility to our customers, staff, other stakeholders and society at large, as well as to the natural environment around us. Because of our global influence, our economic, environmental, and social impacts are extensive. Find out how D-Link is making the world a better place one connection at a time.

Conflict-free Minerals Procurement

In addition to the basic social responsibilities of protecting employees' rights and reducing environmental pollution, D-Link also bans the use of conflict minerals by implementing a supply chain conflict-free minerals procurement policy. Suppliers seeking partnership with D-Link must pass three audit evaluations for system quality, process quality, and hazardous materials management, and fill out the "Conflict-Free Minerals Questionnaire" and "Conflict-Free Minerals Statement". This requires suppliers to trace the source of materials and purchase legal smelters.

D-Link Green Project

Climate change is happening, which is why D-Link remains firmly committed to protecting the environment along every step of its product supply chain. In 2009, we initiated the D-Link Green Project which consists of three key solutions: Green Technologies to reduce energy consumption, Compliance with Green regulations by using non-toxic raw materials, as well as a Green Packaging initiative to reduce the volume of packaging materials.

D-Link Charitable Foundation

Smarter Assistance for Disadvantaged Groups

In 1994, D-Link set up the D-Link Charitable Foundation to provide social assistance, care and feedback for those who are in need. The foundation invests in social welfare activities, such as child and youth welfare, welfare for the elderly, disability assistance, women’s welfare, and medical welfare.

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