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Wireless Controllers


D-Link Wireless Controllers form the core of every stable wireless network.
Built for high density environments, they allow network administrators to
centralize all aspects of access point configuration, provisioning and management.


Wireless Controllers


Nuclias Connect Hub

  • Manage up to 100 APs

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Need more options? You'll find what you need in our impressive array of Wireless Controllers 
designed to fit any deployment, at any budget. 

Why Businesses Trust D-Link
Wireless Networking Solutions

“D-Link’s network solution gave us a wireless network that was seven times faster. That gives me a competitive advantage, satisfied tenants and peace of mind.”

“The L2 Fast Roaming works excellently, one client is roaming across 20-30APs a day without any latency or other technical issues. Together with the distributed tunneling the voice applications (IP phones, software-based SIP extensions) are working flawlessly.”