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When Every Second Counts, Networks Matter


Hospitals and other healthcare organizations depend first and foremost on their clinicians and other talented employees. Second to that, the ability to provide top-tier care for patients comes down to the quality of the underlying IT infrastructure. The right network not only eliminates bottlenecks and reduces potentially critical issues, but further enables clinicians to provide quality care in a timely manner to patients.

Enterprise-Grade Networking

With over 33 years of experience across 65 countries, we’re fully capable of planning, configuring, and deploying the largest enterprise networks. In head-to-head competition with the biggest names in the space, we often come out on top with our comparable throughput/speed performance while typically maintaining advantages of hardware costs and power use costs.

Do More With Smaller Budgets

We know the budgeting challenges your IT department faces, and we’ve helped hundreds of administrators around the world deliver the performance they need for the thousands of devices across many sites that their networks need.

Stay Flexible For The Future

We know each business has different goals and budgets when it comes to setting up. We make it easy to plan a network that meets your needs for today and for growth in the upcoming years. And we can do it all within the budget you have allocated.

Fully Backed, No-Cost Support

Your hospital depends on your network, and you can depend on us to support you with no-cost support and lifetime warranties.

Featured Healthcare Products

For over 33 years D-Link has been creating complete, end-to-end networking solutions that deliver just that and more. It all adds up to future-proofed solutions that will really work for your hospital. Here are a few highlighted switchingwireless, and IP surveillance products for your hospital.

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