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D-Link for Business Solutions

Modern Networking Solutions for Lifelong Learners

Between converting die-hard big-brand enthusiasts, improving multi-campus connections, and reducing theft and vandalism in hallways and parking lots, D-Link’s solutions sit at the center of thousands of universities across the globe. In a space where IT budgets are increasingly squeezed as the number of people they serve expand, D-Link help schools deliver the performance they need while maintaining compliance without exceeding budgets.

Do More With Smaller Budgets

We know the challenges school face, and we’ve helped hundreds of administrators around the world deliver the performance they need for the thousands of devices across multiple sites that school networks often support.

Maintain Compliance

We can preconfigure network switches and access points to help school network administrators and IT personnel easily and quickly implement their networks and maintain compliance.

Fully Backed, No-Cost Support

Your school depends on your network, and you can depend on us to support you with no-cost support and lifetime warranties.

Featured Education Products

For over 33 years D-Link has been creating complete, end-to-end networking solutions that deliver just that and more. It all adds up to future-proofed solutions that will really work for your school campus. Here are a few highlighted switching, cloud-managed access points wireless, and IP surveillance products for your school's network.


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Free Resources

Please check out some most popular free resources below.

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Cisco-certified technician Kip Robins wanted to cry when he first walked into a D-Link network. But he soon changed his tune when it not only saved the school’s E-rate eligibility but also outperformed his high expectations.


joaquin independent school

Network Refresh Supports 1,000+ Devices Without Breaking A Sweat

A core network upgrade made Joaquin ISD’s network one of the best in the surrounding area, all while being nearly half as expensive and supporting thousands of devices.


The Ultimate Guide to Network Upgrades

Get an exact step-by-step process to a cost-effective network upgrade in 2019 and make the most of current infrastructure, stay flexible for future needs, over-deliver on performance, come in under budget!


12 Things That Can Plague Cloud Networks

If you’re considering implementing cloud-managed networking solutions for part or all of the networks you manage, here are 12 features you should consider to help alleviate the everyday problems that can plague networks.