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Network management, refreshed

A network management solution for SMBs seeking robust functionality, cost-effective scaling, and end-to-end control.  


Enhance, facilitate, and automate your network management. Understand your network at a glance.

Retail Chains

Add your business logo to the fully customizable user/client interface to build brand awareness.


See live usage, and reports organized by dates, times, and locations.


Deploy devices quickly and efficiently. Manage network resources easily.

Enhanced, centralized, automated network management

Nuclias Connect is a force multiplier for your IT resources. Network administrators can do their jobs far more effectively and efficiently. Network expansion and configuration are easier, more intuitive, and more cost-effective thanks to centralized control. Outages and complaints are minimized thanks to network self-healing, airtime fairness, and load balancing.

And with its analytics and reporting capabilities, Nuclias Connect enables insights, which can drive business decisions. Network expansion is a snap, updates & configurations are easy, monitoring is intuitive, and centralized management can be broad or precise – it’s that simple.

Stay online, stay connected

Easily access and utilize the full Nuclias Connect functionality suite on an Internet-connected PC, or access our lightweight app for localized monitoring. Management can be done via software, or our dedicated hardware controller – the Hub. 


Network Integrity

Role & Privilege-Based Access Control
Assign different privileges to users within or outside of the organization to manage and monitor your network.

End-to-End Encryption
All communications over Nuclias Connect are secured through HTTPS.

Branded Experience
Add your logo to your Wi-Fi login screen via Nuclias Connect's captive portal functionality. 

We’re a global company with a local touch, and we’ll support you all the way

Over 95% of resellers that have direct contact with D-Link are happy with the service we provide, and 96% are happy with our technical support.

With Nuclias Connect, D-Link has set out to deliver a solution that offers enterprise-grade quality, without enterprise-grade cost, so that SMBs/SMEs can better afford they tools they need to take control and create real value from their network infrastructure.

Key solution features

  • Free Nuclias Connect Software
  • Easy Deployment, Centralized Configuration & Airtime Fairness
  • Device Discovery and Monitoring via Nuclias Connect App
  • Desktop-Based Management
  • Advanced Traffic Reporting & Analytics
  • Bandwidth Optimization and Load Balancing
  • Role-Based Administration
  • Intuitive Web-Based Interface w/Multilingual Support
  • NAT Passthrough
  • Authentication via Customizable Captive Portal, 802.1x and RADIUS Server
  • Payment Gateway for Captive Portal
  • 3rd Party Security Audit