Case Studies

D-Link Helps Livingston ISD Overhaul its Core Network to Support New 1:1 Learning Initiative


Livingston ISD is a small 5A school district that encompasses over 300 square miles of Polk County, one of the fastest-growing counties in Southeast Texas. Its network lacked proper network design, configuration, on-site technical knowledge and security which posed problems for its plans to start a 1:1 technology program during the following school year.

D-Link helped the school district upgrade its network with a mix of 10GB core switches, PoE switches and wireless access points designed to accommodate the new learning initiative, IP-based technologies and future growth. 


Client Feedback

"The fact that we were able to go from network design to full working implementation within five months was surprising, not just to me but to other people I work with, because they had spent years trying to fix many of these problems. ...The overall level of organization from D-Link was very impressive. In addition, D-Link did things for our small district that no other vendor would have done. I even got a direct call from one of the D-Link executives who extended his support and provided his personal cell phone number, in case I needed anything. I would never have received that from any other manufacturer."

Kip Robins, Technology Director, Livingston ISD

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