Think Green

The DGS-1005G five port Gigabit Desktop Switch is part of D-Link’s comprehensive family of home devices that make use of D-Link’s Green Technology, providing energy savings, reduced heat, and a longer product life without sacrificing performance or functionality. An energy-efficient power adapter (DoE Level VI qualified), minimized use of harmful substances (RoHS compliant), and recyclable packaging make this switch truly environmentally friendly.

Conserves Energy

The DGS-1005G helps conserve energy automatically. The switch saves substantial amounts of power by cutting power usage for unused ports or ports connected to computers that are idle.

Gigabit Connection for Home and Media Center

This Gigabit Desktop Switch offers an economical way for homes and media centers to benefit from the increased bandwidth of Gigabit Ethernet. It provides five Gigabit ports for easy expansion of your network and a quick way to upgrade your network to Gigabit connectivity.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

To further its commitment to product quality, D-Link offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the DGS-1005G. If you have a warranty failure, D-Link will repair or replace the product for free.