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D-Link Cloud Services at a Glance

What can D-Link Cloud Services do for you?

D-Link Cloud Products


D-Link Cloud Services at a Glance


D-Link Cloud Services
"Your network, in the palm of your hand."

Your Home Network in the Palm of Your Hand

  • D-Link Cloud Services are about allowing you to effortlessly access, share, view and control the devices on your home network from anywhere, anytime.
  • Wi-Fi routers, cameras and storage devices can all be reached instantly using a computer or portable device like an iPhone® or tablet, putting you in control of your network no matter where you happen to be.


Effortless Setup

Products with D-Link Cloud Services are designed to be as simple to set up as they are to use. Now with D-Link's Zero Configuration, your D-Link Cloud Camera is automatically configured with all the settings from your Cloud Router and automatically added to your free mydlink account. So now you can get your D-Link Cloud Cameras up and running in next to no time.


Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Products with Cloud Services are accessible from virtually anywhere using 3G/4G and 802.11 wireless devices, allowing you to check in from your computer at work, or from your Smart phone or tablet device on the way home.




Our Vision

D-Link envisions a future where all home network resources are available at the click of a mouse, or the tap of a screen. Where users will have utmost control of their home networks, and enjoy the ease of use and maximum privacy that D-Link Cloud Services provide.


What can D-Link Cloud Services do for you?

Remote Management: Control your home network

With D-Link Cloud Services, controlling and managing your network is no longer a hassle. Routers that are mydlink-enabled allow you to remotely control Internet access for all of the computers and devices on your network.

  • See what devices are using your network (and how and when!) with security controls.
  • View the web browsing history of the devices on your network.
  • Receive notifications or email alerts whenever there is an unauthorized intrusion attempt or new users connecting toyour network.
  • See if there are any updates available for your router



Remote Viewing: View your home or office from anywhere

D-Link Cloud Services make it simple to stay connected to everything you love 24/7. Cameras with Cloud Services allow you to see a live video feed of your home or office anytime to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is safe and secure.

  • View a live video feed from anywhere, anytime - even in low light.
  • Check in from any Internet-connected computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  • Set motion triggers and recording schedules so you can record what you want - nothing more, nothing less.



SharePort Cloud: Share your digital media content

Routers with D-Link Cloud Services make it easy to securely store all of your photos, documents, music and videos to your own personal cloud. Simply plug in a USB thumb drive or external hard drive of any size and enjoy the freedom to access your digital media from anywhere…at home or halfway across the world. With SharePort Cloud, you never have to go without your favorite shows or music.

  • Store your entire media and document library in your own, personal cloud.
  • Stay in control of your personal data without worrying about privacy issues.


D-Link Cloud Products

D-Link Cloud Routers

Routers with Cloud Services are simple to set up and easy to use. To share your broadband Internet connection with multiple computers in your house, just connect the router to a broadband connection. Then, you can enjoy remote Cloud access from anywhere in the world.

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D-Link Cloud Cameras

Whether you’re out for an evening, at the office, or away on vacation, cameras with D-Link Cloud Services allow you to stay connected to your home - and everything in it – from virtually anywhere using a laptop of mobile device.

Getting started is easy as 1-2-3

  1. Connect the camera to your existing Wi-Fi network.
  2. Run the short installation wizard on your PC.
  3. Log into mydlink to see and hear what's going on in your home in real time!

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D-Link Cloud Storage

D-Link Cloud Storage is simple and easy to use. Save your confidential content at home and maintain full control of it. Only your family and friends who have been granted access to can download, play or upload these files. Access your files from anywhere using your Internet-enabled devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

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