D-Link is an award-winning purveyor of networking solutions aimed at fostering a digital lifestyle. Through esteemed product design along with meticulous research and development, D-Link offers and unrivaled product selection and integrated technology across platforms. As the leading end-to-end networking solutions provider, D-Link continues to offer products that enhance the lifestyles of users. D-Link products mesh design with value, showcasing an array of networking products suitable for a variety of applications.

D-Link’s goals

  • The application of state-of-the-art technologies and the provision of high-quality service
  • Strict compliance with international, local, and corporate standards and requirements
  • Responsibility to customers for the quality of products and services
  • Cost efficiency relative to competitors

D-Link’s focus on innovation has been recognized through numerous product design awards from organizations such as the International Design Excellence Award program, red dot and the International Forum. D-Link engineers have contributed to the development of the rapidly evolving home and business networking environment that many now take for granted. The company has also been awarded patents and copyrights on a variety of technology platforms, including Application Specific Integrated Circuit computer chips, hardware technology designs, software applications and other intellectual property. As a key contributor to the Digital Home Working Group, D-Link embraces industry standards as criterion for development of new and innovative connectivity and communications solutions for home and business. D-Link products are certified by the FCC, the Wi-Fi Alliance and CableLabs.

D-Link’s Design Team aims to develop solutions that facilitate services and create tangible benefits for the customer. D-Link’s process of creation is a step-by-step evolution based on reflection and understanding of both the product’s legacy and the design brief. Through rigorous testing, D-Link’s engineers and designers accumulate in-depth knowledge about technology, the market, user behaviors, lifestyles and trends. Thanks to this extensive knowledge base, customers can rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality in product design and technology at a competitive price point.

Service Providers know their future depends on the ability to increase revenue from customer subscriptions and value-added services. D-Link leverages its wide range of relationships with major service providers, presenting an extensive set of viable network extension and connectivity solutions for the service provider. These solutions include home networking, media streaming, content delivery, IP-based remote security monitoring, firewall protection, VoIP and videoconferencing technology.