D-Link’s goal is to nurture a truly customer-focused culture by providing service with a personal touch. With this in mind, D-Link adopted a ‘globally local’ service model. D-Link builds its business with the best local talent from each region. Accordingly, D-Link has established a broad global presence with 190 offices located in 67 countries. Each local office has a strong understanding of the demands of its regional market. Ninety-nine percent of D-Link employees are locally-hired. D-Link sets yearly goals to increase customer satisfaction. Customer feedback plays a significant role in D-Link’s product development and support process.

As a leader in wireless and Ethernet networking solutions, D-Link has become a trusted international brand that businesses and consumers depend on for their connections to the world at large. Well-established local business units throughout the world form the platform for our robust and reliable value chain. Regional experts provide D-Link headquarters with local knowledge, which then allows us to meet demands from state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with speeds unmatched by our competitors.

D-Link products are promoted and distributed by individuals our customers know and trust. D-Link strives to serve every customer with respect, knowledge, and personal attention regardless of whether that customer is an individual or a large corporation. This approach has allowed D-Link to successfully provide a consistent quality of service and care.