ADSL2 Plus Modem with Wireless N300 Router



Device Interfaces
• RJ-11 ADSL port
• 4 RJ-45 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet ports with auto MDI/ MDIX
ADSL Standards
• ADSL : Multi-mode, ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, ITU-T G.992.1(G.dmt) Annex A, ITU-T G.992.2 (G.lite) Annex A,
• ITU-T G.994.1 (G.hs)
• ADSL2: ITU-T G.992.3 (G.dmt.bis) Annex A/L/M ITU-T G.992.4(G.lite.bis) Annex A
• ADSL2+: ITU-T G.992.5 Annex A/L/M
ADSL Data Rates
• G.dmt: 8Mbps downstream, 832Kbps upstream
• G.lite: 1.5Mbps downstream, 512Kbps upstream
• ADSL2: 12Mbps downstream, 1Mbps upstream
• ADSL2+: 24Mbps downstream, 3.5Mbps upstream
ATM & PPP Protocols
• ATM Adaption Layer type 5 (AAL5)
• Bridged or routed Ethernet encapsulation
• VC and LLC based multiplexing
• MAC Encapsulated Routing
• ATM Forum UNI3.1/4.0 PVC
• ATM Cell Format ITU-T Rec. I.361
• PPP over ATM (RFC 2364)
• PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
• PPP Link Control Protocol (LCP)
• Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP)
• PPP Authentication Protocol (PAP)
• PPP Challenge Handshake
• Authentication Protocol (CHAP)
• Microsoft PPP CHAP extensions
Router Features & Network Protocols
• Ethernet to ADSL Self-Learning Transparent Bridging
• Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
• Network Address Translation (NAT), IP Static Routing, Routing Information Protocol (RIPv1, RIPv2)
• Virtual Server, Port Forwarding
• NAT ALGs: MSN/AOL/Yahoo Messenger, FTP, CUSEEME, Real Audio, MIRC, SIP, ICQ, games, SNMP
• Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP); DHCP server, client, and relay
• SNTP, DNS Relay, DDNS proxy and IGMP proxy (v1/v2/v3)
Firewall / Access Security
• Built-in NAT firewall
• MAC Filtering
• Packet Filtering
• Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
• Denial of Service (DoS)
• Intrusion Detection Support/Log
• User Authentication PAP
• User Authentication CHAP
Virtual Private Network
• Multiple IPSec/PPTP/L2TP pass-through
• Web-based GUI configuration
• 3-level login control for local/remote management
• Firmware upgraded, configuration data uploaded and downloaded via Webbased GUI
• TFTP for firmware, configuration files and image files upgrade and download
• TFTP server and client
• Code Lock to help prevent from improper firmware upgrade through UI, TFTP, and TR-069
• Local access via console (optional)
• ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ manual selection and auto fallback
• Auto VPI/VCI detection
• Configuration backup and restore
• Diagnostics
• Log & Trace function
• SNMP v.1 and v.2c with MIB-I and MIBII (optional)
• TR-069 compliant with ACS (optional)
Quality Of Service
• Traffic Prioritization/Classification
• Port-based priority
• 802.1p/q (0-7) priority
• DiffServ-Codepoint IPQoS (TOS)
• Application port-based priority
• 3 priority queues per PVC
• Traffic Shaping
• IGMP v2 Snooping
• 802.11b/g/n standards
• Wireless speed: Up to 54Mbps1 (802.11g), 300Mbps1 (802.11n)
• Frequency range: 2.4 GHz to 2.484 GHz
• Multi-SSID
• MAC address ACL
• AES-CCM/CCMP engine
• 64/128-bit WEP
• WPA™-PSK/WPA2™-PSK (Personal/Mixed Mode)
• 802.1x RADIUS
• 802.11e WLAN QoS/WLAN scheduling
• Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Output: 12v DC, 1A
• Power switch
• Factory reset button
• 07.19" x 5.03" x 1.25"(182.8 x 127.8 x 32mm)
Operating Temperature
• 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Storage Temperature
• -4° to 149° F (-20° to 70° C)
Operating Humidity
• 5% to 95% Non-Condensing
• FCC Part 15 Class B / CE / CSA
• 1 Year Limited3

The D-Link ADSL2+ Modem with Wireless N 300 Router (DSL-2740B) is a high-performance router for your home or small office. With integrated ADSL2/2+ supporting up to 24Mbps download speed, firewall, 802.11n wireless connectivity and 4 ports, this router provides all the functions that a home or small office needs to establish and share a high-speed connection.

  • Provides high-speed Internet
  • Maximizes wireless performance and connection from virtually anywhere at home or office
  • Prioritizes traffic for a smooth network connection
  • Backward compatibility with 802.11b and 802.11g wireless equipment

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