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Wireless Mobile Broadband

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Portable HSPA+ 21 Mbps Router


D-Link’s DWR-730 Portable HSPA+ Mobile Router allows you to connect your notebook, tablet and smartphone to the Internet from anywhere there is a 3G connection and share this connection with other users wirelessly. This router is ideal for people that need a portable solution, for example remote workers or people that are moving house and need a temporary Internet connection.

  • 150 Mbps 2.4 GHz
  • 3G via SIM
  • Internal
  • Wireless N

3G Mobile Router for EV-DO Networks


Ideal for the on the go individuals, the 3G Mobile Router for EV-DO networks allows users to set up a secure Wireless G network virtually anywhere within a broadband wireless network. The 3G Mobile Router (DIR-450) enables users to quickly create a secure wireless 802.11g (108G) network and provide access to the Internet using a cellular signal.

  • Advanced Features
  • Simple to install
  • Creates a wireless networks for companies and gives them access to their secure private networks
  • Share a mobile internet connection with your group when you are on the go
  • Can be used as a fixed broadband Internet solution in places that do not have a cable or DSL service available

  • 1 port
  • Fast Ethernet

Mobile Broadband Wireless Router


Get mobile broadband anywhere in the world1 with the D-Link Mobile Wireless Router (DIR-412). Share your mobile broadband Internet connection with others through a secure, high-speed 802.11n wireless network by inserting a compatible mobile broadband USB adapter.

  • Easy to use, easy to set up
  • Maximum portability to create a reliable mobile high-speed wireless network where you go
  • Improved speed, coverage, and reception over previous-generation Wireless G
  • Enjoy Internet service with others by attaching a mobile adapter to the USB port
  • Use your mobile connection as a backup for your DSL/cable Internet service

  • 1 port
  • Fast Ethernet
  • USB 2.0