Dome Cameras

D-Link dome cameras offer an aesthetic design wherein the camera, lens and cabling are hidden and protected inside of a domed enclosure. Available in both indoor and outdoor models, D-Link dome cameras offer an attractive protected camera for indoor applications and a rugged vandal and weather resistant design for outdoor applications.
D-Link dome cameras are available in HD and multi-megapixel resolution, offer day / night functionality, integrated IR illumination, two-way audio and integrated memory card storage.

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HD Mini Dome Network Camera


The DCS-6004L is an HD PoE Mini Dome IP Camera featuring an ultra-small form factor that features Power over Ethernet connectivity, integrated IR LEDs and includes both white and black case options.

  • 1 Megapixel HD
  • Day/Night
  • Includes Interchangeable Domes
  • Indoor

1 MP HD Low Light Outdoor Dome IP Camera


The DCS-6315 is an HD Low Light Outdoor Dome IP Camera featuring enhanced low light peformance, integrated IR LEDs, a 3-axis gimbal and a microSD card slot.

  • 1 Megapixel HD
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Day/Night
  • Outdoor