Safety Tips

Make sure the baby camera and cord are out of baby's reach.

In general, this means the baby camera and cord should be placed at least 3 feet away from baby's crib.

Don't place the baby camera on the crib's rail.

Even if you think your baby would not touch the baby camera, it's too risky to leave it within easy reach of your baby. Even baby camera cords that are secured to the rail could be yanked or twisted by a curious child.

Use caution if using the wall-mounting for your baby camera.

Be careful not to allow the baby camera cord to dangle between the cot and a wall. You should use the 3-foot-minimum spacing between baby and the cord in this case, too.

Mounting the Baby Camera on Tabletops

Place the baby camera on a tabletop no less than 3 feet away from your baby’s crib. Feed the power cord down the back of the table or use wall clips to secure the cord away so your baby cannot reach the cord.  Plug in the power cord, check your smartphone or tablet to ensure that you are getting a good view of your child and that there are no obstructions

As your baby reaches toddlerhood, re-evaluate your baby camera placement.

When little arms get longer and toddlers learn to climb and reach for things, you may need to move the baby camera to prevent access to the cord.

When using the baby camera in other places, such as outside.

Don't forget to check those locations to be sure you can place the baby camera out of baby's reach.

Watch for other cord hazards, too.

While you're securing the baby camera cord, take a moment to look around for any other strangulation hazards, as well. One common culprit is window blind cords that are within baby's reach. Cords for other electronics and nursery decor with ribbons or decorative cords may also be a risk.

Do not use the baby camera near water

Do not use the baby camera near water (such as bathtub, sink, etc.) and safely keep the baby camera away from heat sources (such as stoves, radiators, etc).

Make sure there is proper ventilation

Make sure there is proper ventilation around the baby camera and do not place on sofas, cushions, beds, etc. which may block ventilation.

The baby camera is not a toy

The baby camera is not a toy.  Do not allow children to play with the camera.

Adhering to these baby camera safety tips will help you to ensure your child stays safe and you can effectively enjoy the best use of your baby c


How to ensure your camera is secure

The first step is to make sure you turn on security features during the installation process.  Follow the instructions, and make sure you set up a strong password at least eight characters long with a mix of symbols and upper and lower case letters.

Make sure you keep the camera software and the mydlink™ Baby app up-to-date.