StreamBoost vs. QoS

Your Current Router is Doing You Wrong 

Your router's QoS engine has been ignoring you -- what you're into, what you do online, who you are. Traditional QoS treats your gaming, movies, Skype chats, and downloads all the same. It sees these activities and delivers equal bandwidth to each, ensuring that your home is forced to deal with mediocre experiences marred by lagging and buffering. This is the QoS you've come to know: a solution that fails to live up to its promise. 

StreamBoost is not QoS.

StreamBoost is a sophisticated Traffic Shaping tool that elegantly responds to each app, each device, each task, managing and allocating bandwidth to ensure absolutely optimal performance. StreamBoost is app-aware and device-aware, giving it the intelligence to recognize and effectively react to whatever you, your rommates or your family love to do online. It's what you always expected from QoS, delivered in a stream-lined, hassle-free way. Simply put, it's the best way ever conceived to handle multi-user Internet experiences. And you'll never look back.

StreamBoost Is Win

  • Dynamically manage bandwidth with sophisticated Traffic Shaping engine

  • Drag and drop apps and devices in an easy-to-use UI to ensure the best possible user experinces


  • Crowd-sourced profile creation and cloud-based updating system means the Gaming Router evolves over time