We're not the only ones who love it...

“The DGL-5500 is a rock-star router. It delivers gigabit AC wireless speeds of up to 1250 mbps and uses Qualcomm StreamBoost technology to allocate ideal bandwidth for uninterrupted gaming.

- PC World

"The DGL-5500 is the first router on the market to support the new StreamBoost technology that Qualcomm announced just a few days ago. It's also the first router on the market to utilize the 802.11ac chip from Qualcomm, as opposed to similar chips from Broadcom found in most existing 802.11ac routers. In a nutshell, the StreamBoost technology allows the router to monitor intelligently and gives the connected client the exact amount of Internet it needs at any given time, instead of treating all Internet services as download bandwidth at all times (which is what most existing routers do). This results in more real-time bandwidth being available for other connected devices."


"It isn’t very often that a networking product gets me excited, but when I first saw D-Link’s Gaming router back last year I was very impressed."

- ETeknix

"The Gaming Router 5000 is equipped with GameFuel powered by StreamBoost designed to provide unique value by intelligently and optimally allocating Internet bandwidth to each application and device in a home network."

- Electronic House