Cloud routers

Cloud Routers

Cloud Routers let you share a fast and reliable wireless connection with all of the computers and connected devices in your home. Whether you’d like to keep an eye on what websites the kids are visiting or keep tabs on who is connecting to your home network – Cloud Routers provide the perfect solution.

Introducing products:

Wireless N 150 Home Cloud Router (DIR-600L)

Enjoy peace of mind while you’re away and a fast network when you’re at home.

Cloud Router (DIR-605L)

Create a fast Wi-Fi and wired home network with the added benefit of remote cloud access for managing your home network from anywhere.

Keep an eye on all that matters

Cloud Cameras

Cloud Cameras offer a reliable monitoring solution, without breaking the bank, and let you stay connected to everything you love from anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to keep an eye on your house while you’re on vacation, or check in on the dog from work – there’s a Cloud Camera that’s perfect for you.

Meet the family:

Wireless N Network Camera (DCS-930L)

The Wireless N Home Network Camera is the most effective and inexpensive way to set up home or office monitoring. With its compact design it can be placed virtually anywhere.

Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera (DCS-932L)

Ideal for 24 hour monitoring, the built-in infrared LEDs allow for viewing in little or no light.

Enhanced Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera (DCS-942L)

This camera includes a microSD card slot so you can record footage directly to a microSD card for viewing at a later time.

Cloud Camera 5000 (DCS-5222L)

 Cloud storage

Cloud storage

Cloud Storage lets you put your home videos, photos, music and movies into your own personal Cloud so you can access them all from anywhere, anytime from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Whether you want to watch your favorite TV show while waiting at the airport, or share vacation photos with family across the world – Cloud Storage makes it easy.

ShareCenter Cloud Storage 4000 (DNS-345)







SharePort Mobile Companion

SharePort lets you seamlessly stream all your saved media, to all your devices, all at once with the free SharePort Mobile app. It lets you transform any wired Internet connected into a Wi-Fi hotspot – great for getting a wireless signal for your mobile devices while travelling. You can also use this compact device to extend your existing wireless network even further across your home, for a reliable Internet connection in every room. This travelling companion is so versatile it can even charge your Smartphone!

SharePort Mobile Companion (DIR-505)