Your home network, in your hand

Your home network, in the palm of your hand.

mydlink™ Cloud Services allow you to effortlessly access, view and control the devices on your home network from anywhere, anytime, making it simple to stay connected to everything you love 24/7.

Cloud Routers Cloud Cameras Cloud Storage Cloud Storage

Cloud Routers

Cloud Cameras

Cloud Storage

SharePort™ Mobile Companion

Share Wi-Fi throughout your home and manage your home network from any mobile device. Plus, access your videos, photos, music and movies from anywhere.

Stay connected to everything you love and keep an eye on your home, kids, pets and valued possessions from anywhere, anytime.

Put your home videos, photos, music and movies into your own personal Cloud so you can enjoy them from wherever you are...

Share all your media, on all your devices, all at once without using up valuable space on your mobile devices.

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What is the Cloud?

What is the Cloud, anyway?

You’ve no doubt heard of the Cloud and how it’s changing the way we use out computers, smartphones and tablets. In fact, if you use Facebook to keep in touch or YouTube to share videos, you use the Cloud already. Simply put, the Cloud is what lets you access your digital life – photos, music, documents and more – seamlessly. From any connected device. Anywhere in the world.

But there’s a lot more to it than that. The Cloud can also give you private access to your personal home network from anywhere, anytime.

The Personal Cloud 

The Personal Cloud

At D-Link, we’re experts in creating home networks, so we’ve taken the flexibility of the Cloud and added the private home network to create the best of both worlds: the Personal Cloud. A Personal Cloud means you can enjoy anywhere, anytime access to your home network – and all of your music, photos and videos – without having to upload everything to a public server first.

Cloud routers, cameras and storage devices can all be reached instantly using a computer, smartphone or tablet, putting you in control of your home network no matter where you happen to be.