What is Facebook Wi-Fi?
Facebook Wi-Fi lets your customers access free Wi-Fi simply by checking in to your business on Facebook.
Connect With Your Customers!
Create a direct line of communication for specials, promotions, coupons and more.
Grow Your Fanbase
When Facebook guests check in to your business, you’re not only connecting with that individual customer – you’re also gaining visibility with that customers friends and family members.
Gain Deeper Insight
Using Facebook’s extensive demographic data collection services, business owners are better able to tailor experiences to suit the tastes of their patrons.
“Has Facebook found the silver bullet?...This combination of social networking with free WiFi and analytics makes huge sense for small businesses and is a stroke of genius.”
"The next time you find a usable Wi-Fi hotspot on the road, you may have Facebook to thank for it: The newest wireless router from D-Link provides Wi-Fi access through a Facebook check-in."
"... if you’re a small business owner looking to drum up some business and coverage for your cafe, restaurant, bar, etc., D-Link might have something for you."
"The $150 router also provides a business with additional demographics data, allowing them to keep track of who has checked in through Facebook throughout the day, but also connect with them further—with promotions and coupons enticing them to return—after they've left."